How do I try a class at Modern Martial Arts and Fitness?

To book a free trial appointment, simply click here or call us at 626-227-1414! We will be happy to schedule you a free appointment at a class time that works with your schedule.

What should I wear to my free appointment?

If you are trying a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class (BJJ) that utilizes a gi—a traditional martial arts uniform—and you do not already have one, then simply bring a t-shirt to wear underneath one of our loaner gis, which you are welcome to use for free! If you are trying any other class, please bring comfortable workout clothes, such as shorts, leggings, yoga pants, and a t-shirt or tank top. For all of the classes, please expect to be barefoot and know that there are never any shoes allowed on the training mats.  

Do I need to have any martial arts or fitness experience before trying a class?

Absolutely not! Many of our classes feature students trying out martial arts and fitness for the first time ever and we are always happy to meet new students as they begin their martial arts and fitness journey!

What if I’m not in that great of shape at the moment? Do I need to be in shape before trying a class?

No way! All of our classes allow you to train at your own pace. We will be here to push you when you need it, but our biggest priority is making sure that you have fun and practice at a pace that works for your needs. On top of that, we assure you that if you are looking to get in shape, our classes are just what you need!

Do you offer women’s classes at Modern Martial Arts and Fitness?

At Modern Martial Arts and Fitness, we are extremely dedicated to providing an environment that is inclusive and safe for everyone and we encourage members of all genders to train side by side. We are very conscious of the fact that individuals often walk through our doors with different life experiences and levels of comfort with physical contact and we always allow students to train with whomever they feel most comfortable. We encourage you to book a free trial in any of our martial arts classes and see first-hand why our members consider us the friendliest and most socially conscious academy in the area! 

How much does a membership at Modern Martial Arts and Fitness cost?

The reason you do not see our membership prices listed on our website is because we really want you to experience our classes first-hand before determining their value. Martial arts training is a profoundly powerful journey in self-discovery and we, at Modern Martial Arts and Fitness, are all here because martial arts changed our lives. We really want you to see why we believe so strongly in what we do before figuring out a membership option that works best for you. That being said, we trust that you will find our prices quite generous for what we offer. Book a free trial and come in and see for yourself!

Is there free parking available at Modern Martial Arts and Fitness?

Yes! We have a large parking lot directly behind our building that is free to all of our students and visitors, and can be accessed from Roosevelt Ave. There is also free street parking available on Roosevelt Ave and limited street parking available on Colorado Blvd.

What are you doing to ensure a safe training environment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At Modern Martial Arts and Fitness, our members’ health and safety are our number one priority. For that reason, every person participating in a class at our academy must be fully vaccinated with an authorized COVID-19 vaccine. In order to participate in class, you will need to show your COVID-19 vaccination card and be 14 days past the date of your final/second dose. This will be our policy for the foreseeable future, until we announce otherwise.